Survey creation

We are all familiar with poorly designed surveys containing huge matrix questions, complex text blocks, and missing on-page validations which are a nightmare to fill out. Limesurvey is a very powerful tool but the complexity sometimes makes it hard to find the best question type for a certain question. In addition to the core question settings, there is huge number of advanced question settings which can be used to improve the question styling, add on-page validation, or set timer and filter options.

We have been working with Limesurvey for years and know all of these features very well. So instead of spending hours searching the Limesurvey manual and forums, creating/adjusting/deleting questions and asking yourself if you have really chosen the best question type available, just contact us.
Email your survey draft as PDF or MS Word/Excel document (all data will be treated confidential) and we will get back to you with a cost estimation for professionally implementing your survey at Limesurvey.

If needed we can also host Limesurvey for you or create a professional Limesurvey template that matches a given corporate design.

…and if you chose to set up the survey yourself, have a look at our “Survey design tips and tricks” blog posts: